Sabtu, 23 April 2011

about me

Foto SayaA student at a university in south kalimantan (Gastric Mangkurat) teachers college science education PGSD of 2007. Born in Malang, 10 April 1989. The rest about me,, .. View and the value of its own,,. because I can not judge myself .. ^. ^

Pouring all that I felt, I dreamed of and I think. 
Life sometimes does not like what I want. 
Sometimes I felt the upper hand, 
not in frequently as well,
I feel trapped in a deep well.
Life is difficult for the guess. 
I tried as strong may go through life.
While falling I have to look tough,
because I do not want to be seen to be a weak woman.

sometimes have to be a liar to cover it
be aware that although it was wrong
Well that's fate
not always as smooth as we want all

Tomorrow is still to come
although we tried to hold him
and today it must be passed

trying to do our best to this day
and also tomorrow
Any results
of course I've tried to do it

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